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Thank you Lyn for awarding my blog this lovely award!Lyn's blog is indeed lovely and inspirational. It's called Belle and Rose. Lyn has a serious craft addiction and loves all things Japanese. She's a student in Auckland, my home, my beloved Auckland! So I love seeing pictures like this on her blog.

I've been to Albert Park many times but I have a fond memory, most likely from a photo, of going there when I was a small child with my parents and my father's brother who was visiting from Australia. Do you remember Dad?

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  1. jacqui, thanks so much for your kind words. i was definitely not expecting such a lovely and thoughtful gesture :)
    i passed the blog award to you because i love the things you write in your blog, your always fab bags and your sunny disposition :)
    thanks again, and i will keep in mind to post more snippets on Auckland! i know how it feels missing the place where you grew up in :)


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