Out and About Friday

Little Guy and I spent half an hour at the sports shop a couple of days ago. Here he is trying to swap his old and beaten up Sigg drink bottle for a lovely shiny new one. He liked the one with the soccer ball cap. We love Swiss-made Sigg bottles. They are safe non-toxic water bottles tested as non-leaching. They're not cheap but they last. Little Guy got his last year.

This morning we took our baby sitter/best friend out for her birthday lunch. Of course we couldn't walk past the sale at the material shop. I found this green polka dot cotton linen irresistible. Pink and blue were nice but the green is delicious for a change.

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  1. I saw these bottles in a store in Adelaide last week and wondered if they were any good. Thanks for the tip - I'm going to grab one for our little one (and perhaps even me) now!


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