Breaking out of our routine

If you know me then you will know that as a parent I am very routine oriented. In order for me to remain (semi) sane I need to know what's happening when and who is involved. I can be spontaneous but things like meal times and bed times are fairly set in stone.

Tonight Mr. Mee a Bee was due back from his trip at 7.30pm. I had said I would probably pick him up from the train station since it's quite expensive to drive to and park at the airport. It's only 5 km away but the bridge that crosses the sea has a toll gate (Kansai International Airport is built on a huge man made island about 3km off-shore).

Anyway this morning Little Guy was talking about trains so a little idea hatched in my mind. We decided to park at the mall then catch the train to the airport. It worked out a bit cheaper but was so much more fun! We raced out after a quick dinner, popped into two shops and then caught the train one stop to the airport. I bought the kids a lovely cheap watermelon popsicle and myself a lovely expensive latte (hehe) then we wandered around the airport for an hour while we waited for the flight.

Mr. Mee a Bee was surprised and thrilled to see us. The kids were wonderfully behaved so it was a great success and so nice to do something a little bit special and out of the ordinary.


  1. Hi jac ! Your story has inspired me to take my little one's on the subway. We are planning a family day out to visit the central park zoo next monday. I am usually sooo paranoid about germs and my girls catching something like a killer bug on the nyc metro. It's really limited my ability to get out of the house. But I will muster up my courage to try the subway now that you may it look sooo easy and fun :)

  2. I'm very routine oriented too. That is such a sweet surprise though! It's amazing how much fun a spontaneous little change can be.

  3. I know what you mean about routines... I'm like that too! But once in a while I think it's fun to do things differently and be spontaneous too!

    I'm glad that you all had a nice time!

    Julie xox


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