Can't think of one single elephant cliche

Sorry folks, no cliche titles, it's late and I need to get off to bed. I have had a really busy day.

I got three bags finished, the Jolly Roger one below and these two elephant ones. I have another 9 bags just waiting for the top edges to be stitched. I need to drag out the iron to do that which is a pain.

How do you like these elephant bags? For boys or girls? They're not too bright and cutesy. Future zoo-keeper in the family? Little animal-lover who likes to play vet? Circus?

I never did finish the notebook covers I made in this same fabric. I love these much more.


  1. I think they're gorgeous. I have some fabric in the same print but a different colour, but I still cannot decide how to use it. Your bags are lovely.

  2. Thanks! Do you have green and blue, that's lovely but I missed it in my shop.

  3. I love the bags :) Elephants are for all - boys and girls!

  4. I love them! I know that my little guy would love them too! :) But I'm sure they would be great for girls as well.

    Julie xox

  5. I think they could go for both girls and boys. They're adorable!


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