Child Sponsorship really works

About five or six years ago we decided we were ready to have another baby. It took much longer than expected but eventually we got lucky, Little Guy was born three years ago. Even though he's a little terror at times it serves me well to remember how desperately we wanted another child.

One day I happened upon the Child Sponsorship stand for World Vision. We seemed to have so much in comparison, and we really wanted that second child, so I sponsored a little girl from Mali. It's been lovely receiving letters and Christmas cards from her over the years, although we haven't been very good at staying in touch from our side. I have some lovely photos of her and she has been a part of our lives.

This morning my mum emailed me to say that the village where the sponsored family lives will be self-sufficient by early next year. Isn't that great? They've been taught efficient farming techniques, how to irrigate and all about safe water to drink. The village is doing well.

We'll be offered a new child to sponsor. Lots of people have warned me about donating through huge organisations like World Vision. The cost of running a big organisation can mean that not enough of the sponsor's money is actually reaching the sponsored family. This does concern me somewhat but news like today's restores my faith in the system.

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