For Little Tiki

For Little Tiki, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

Kim is so pleased with her bags I wonder what she will say when she sees this one for her little boy! It's double-sided piratey fun on the outside and cool denim with anchors on the other side, inside or out, depending on his mood.


  1. Awesome! I love the skully fabric ;)

  2. AGAIN THANK YOU!!!! Little Tiki will love this, he was very excited to see he wasn't missing out on the action. He starts school on two months so maybe his new school bag..hope fully he will start a move away from spiderman and Ben10 bags!!
    We love our bags Jacqui you are the BEST!!!xx

  3. Little Tiki's a lucky kid! I love the skull fabric.

  4. Jacqui love the skull fabric. Lucky Little Tiki!


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