Handmade love

I finished this bag last night. It's a birthday gift for a little friend of ours who will be three very soon. She's just started at KinderMusik so I thought she could use a little bucket tote to pop her essentials in. It's small, about 8 or 9" wide.

The appliqué is a bear playing the drum - it's hard to see, sorry. He has a blue cap which is what inspired me to use the blue lace and strap - I like that a lot.

Tomorrow is our Little Guy's 3rd birthday which is why we have our Happy Birthday banner up. One of these days I will order a fabulous handmade one but for now we use this cheap foil one from the dollar shop in NZ. We've had it for about three or four years.


  1. Happy birthday to your little guy!!

    and i love the combination of colours used for the bag :) it's so pretty!

  2. Thanks and thanks! waiting for the birthday girl's mum to cotton on that this bag is for her!

  3. Happy Birthday to Little Guy! Wow they grow up so fast. Hope you have a lovely time celebrating together xxx

  4. Happy birthday to little guy!!!

    The bag is adorable.

  5. If I was on top of it and read this sooner I could have made you a banner!! When is Biggie's B-day?


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