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The other day while browsing somewhere for something, as you do on the Internet, I came across this wonderful card shop, Here we go Loopy Lou. I posted a link on my Facebook page and got in touch with the shop owner.

It turns out Melinda and I have a lot in common. We're both mums, with two boys each and we both craft as a creative outlet. Melinda's boys are younger than mine so she's incredibly busy but the need to have something to call your own is great. I just love the choices of fabrics here. A nice balance of boy and girl designs. And a few that you may recognise from my bags! Melinda has great taste.

You can view Melinda's beautiful keepsake cards here at
Here we Go Loopy Lou Prices are in $US dollars but Melinda helpfully gives the Australian price equivalent and instructions for payment by PayPal if you are in Australia - free shipping on some things now.

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  1. Thanks Jacqui, how sweet of you. We definitely share a passion for the same fabrics! Your bags are just great x


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