Holiday by the sea?

Today it's a holiday, Marine Day I believe. It's raining and so muggy we're just chilling at home. Not chilling though really. It's too hot. We are still going strong on left overs from the party. That's the best thing about parties - tons of food and all of it a bit special or out of the ordinary.

I am sewing, Mr. is reading and the kids are playing with some new toys. It's Little Guy's birthday this week so he got some presents early, while his Dad is home to see.

Speaking of birthdays. One of my customers from Mee a Bee posted some gorgeous pictures of her little man's birthday on our facebook page. It was his birthday so Vanessa wrapped his gifts in Mee a Bee bags. Gus is the cutest little button you've ever seen with a shock of blonde hair. Go and have a look! Mee a Bee on Facebook - scroll down or click the photo tab. Thanks Vanessa!

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