Iceblocks for Breakfast

The iceblocks kind of worked.

They took quite a long time to freeze, actually my freezer is having a hard time lately.

Since I had whisked the mixture there were a lot of bubbles ... you can see where I am going with this ... once the bubbles settled the mixture was waaaay down the stick.

Still Little Guy thinks they're yum.

This is him smiling. He still can't smile naturally for the camera :)


  1. he he he. So cute. I've got quite a few photo's of Charlotte with that "I'm trying really hard" smile...

  2. Love the smile/grimace. The ice block looks yummy!

  3. it's funny how they get to an age where they become aware of the camera & you really can't get anything but grimaces! cute though :)

  4. These look adorable, I just bought the one's from Ikea to have a nicer , healthy alternative.

  5. Jacqui - you are such a domestic goddess, and gorgeous kids to boot! Hope that darn freezer gets its act together - seems like you're having a scorcher! Tania x


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