Introducing Studio 618

I recently joined a really great business networking group of Etsy sellers. It's a terrific bunch of people with amazing talent. Theresa is one such talented person. She's an architect by trade and I think her meticulous work habits can be seen in her jewellery. Her shop, Studio 618, has beautiful handcrafted modern jewellery and Judaica gifts.

Judaism is a religion I really only know about from movies. It's a religion I did not encounter much as a child growing up in New Zealand. I had to think for a moment what Judaica might be when I first looked at Studio 618. I know, so unworldly and ignorant.

I like this Tree of Life bookmark best, it's hand inscribed and would be a beautiful gift.
Theresa's shop is Studio 618 and of course she's got a Facebook Fanpage. She does custom work.


  1. Jacqui, thanks so much for your wonderful words here. You're the sweetest. Wish I can visit NZ or Japan one of these days.

  2. That would be great Theresa! if we all get rich selling our wares maybe travel will be a possibility!


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