It's over! We did it! Mathilda's Market Sydney

I know you're all eagerly waiting for a report from the market. I have been too. I spent the whole afternoon literally chained to my computer waiting to hear.

First I heard from Shayne who wrote an email entitled "Everybody knows you" ... Hello, well you are a popular girl, everybody knows you!" Tons of friends from the blog and Facebook came to visit and say hi. Some people even took photos and everybody loved our stall. Thank you!!

Later I heard from Katharine who said we got heaps of great feedback. She was really excited about how it went.

Sadly we did not sell as much as we had hoped but we did pretty well considering it's the middle of the year, cold winter over there and we are in the midst of a recession. I was disappointed, I'll admit BUT reading back through the emails I have received from the wonderful and fantastic Shayne and Katharine I am back to thinking positive (you can't keep a good man down). Lots of people took our business cards and who knows the buyer from Meyer or Bloomingdales might have been amongst our customers.

The people from Mathilda's Market photographed our stall as well so we might get some more coverage later from them.

It's been quite stressful organising the whole event from afar and I am pretty relieved it's over. I think we have learned a lot from this experience. One thing is for sure Australia was a great hostess and I look forward to expanding more over there.

I'd like say a huge thank you to Katharine and Shayne for running a wonderful stall. To all of the friends who reported Mee a Bee's participation on their websites and blogs, I am so grateful. To the friends who visited, made purchases, took photos, passed on business cards, thank you too.


  1. Well done Jacqui - even though it may not have gone as well as you thought, I know you have a massive fan base over here, and I will be spreading the word. As you said, someone very important may have just picked up your card and who knows where it will lead!
    Have a good relax now its over and we look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous creations! Jo

  2. Forget the sales, think exposure!

    So many people who only see your things online have now had a chance to touchy-feely. Now they are assured of the quality and level of cuteness. Now you only need to sit back and wait for the wave of word-of-mouth inquiries. They may take some time but they will come.

    Congratulations everyone!

  3. Thanks you two, these are my thoughts exactly. It was a great day and I think we will definitely have some good word of mouth spread for us. The girls enjoyed the market alot - I soooo wish I could have been there. Once they recover from this one perhaps there will be another on the horizon.

  4. YAY you did it! I agree with the Anon poster, exposure is great, that will bring future sales!! And the people that did buy will have friends that see your products and they will come to you. It's a big circle, congrats! :)

  5. That is fantastic Jacqui..sometimes the sales come down the track when people go home and realise they cant live without one of your gorgeous bags!
    Kim xxx

  6. Exposure is all you need, and it's what you got! Well done with organising from afar! xo

  7. Wonderful to have such support!! I love you guys, where would we be without our mum networks?

  8. Jacqui

    I thought your stall looked great and I especially loved that little apron.

    Here's to lots of follow up. Please keep us up to date with your goings on.

    Kind regards, Vanessa

  9. The Market was great Jacqui, I brought hair ties for Em from Ivy design great stuff!!
    You and KAtharine should be very proud so much time and effort
    Fantastic Job!!
    (next time we will take someting to eat)

  10. Hi Jac! Sorry, I haven't been blogging as much as usual - busy with other things...namely an insomniac toddler and house hunting/selling. I visited your stall at Mathildas and your stuff is just beautiful! The quality is superb. Thanks for mentioning us in your last post too. Very sweet of you. Wynona xxx


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