Little Mum

I've been working on a fun new project. My friend Brenda asked me to create a bag which functions like a nappy/diaper bag for dolls.

Brenda's daughter will be five soon and loves to play mummy. This bag will house her doll's clothes and accessories. I've made an elasticised pocket inside to keep their bottles or hair brushes in.

The deep gusset (10cm) creates a very roomy bag but I didn't want the bag to be so wide at the top. I tapered the side seams so the tops finishes about 3cm wide.

It's a very comfortable bag with an adjustable strap. If necessary Brenda could carry this bag on her shoulder. It closes with velcro.

Brenda runs a very successful business called Natural Star. Fantastic hand-knitted baby hats and cardigans made from organic wool in New Zealand. We connected via Etsy but Brenda's handknits are available in several retail outlets across New Zealand and Australia. Drop her a line for more information.


  1. Jacqui it is fantastic...she is SO going to love this!!! E keeps referring to her dolls as her little sister and E would make a great bigger sister because she looks after them so well! BUT, that is SO not going to happen LOL!

  2. so cute!! what is the strap called? is that some type of canvas or something?? does that work easy?

  3. Hi Stacey - the strap is 100% acrylic strapping. It looks and feels like cotton. I sewed the buckles on myself. I think they work well but boy they're hard to sew through. I have to use a strong needle and my semi industrial Juki machine.


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