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A little customer of mine takes violin lessons. Her mom spotted the felt bags I made last year featuring the little violin-playing girl. She asked if I might be able to make one for her daughter. I didn't have the material anymore but I did have this laminated fabric in my stash.

The laminated fabric was very hard to sew .... I have a "Teflon" foot attachment for my sewing machine so it doesn't stick. That was a struggle to fit. I had to use my old sewing machine and unscrew several parts... quite a frustration late at night.

The thing about this fabric is it's plastic so you can't iron it. You can't pin it or the holes will show, and errors cannot be unpicked because again the needle holes will show.

I do think it's a really cute bag and Biggie agrees but I don't think I will attempt this kind of project again.

Here you can see I have "appliqu├ęd" an image of the girl and her violin. I used extra thick thread to make it stand out. I like this part best.

My print out on the wall is by artist Denise Holmes from the Feed Your Soul free art project.

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  1. that is such a cute bag! i have 2 tiny suggestions for sewing plastic... the first is to lay a piece of wax paper or tissue paper over the doesn't stick to anything and tears away without any problems... the second...wonder tape (i'm sure there are other brands too..) you use it instead of pins (no holes and it washes away in the first wash...great stuff!


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