Mathilda's Market: Meet Flobib

The market is this Sunday, I am sure you will all be glad when it's over since I have been talking about it for months!

This week I'd like to mention a few more of my co-exhibitors.

My friend Nikki started Flobib (named for her daughter Florence) with just a few small pieces of beautiful fabrics and her sewing machine. Isn't it amazing what creative mums can achieve?

I love this yellow Flobib since it's called Noah. Biggie's name is Noah which is one reason why I like it but I am also on a yellow binge at the moment. Yellow is sold out (great for Nikki) but it's even cooler in red/orange.

Flobib will be at Mathilda's Market this Sunday.

These would make a great gift for a new nana. They are so much prettier than the character-printed toweling bibs you buy at KMart. My own mum has all kinds of baby paraphernalia at her house since she has five grandchildren. Mind you three of them live overseas but when we all descend on her it's great when mum pulls all the baby stuff out of her top hat with a flourish, like magic.


  1. Oh I love Nikko's Bibs I cann't wait till she finally gets everything so i can stock them lol!

  2. She gave alot of it to Bea but she will still have lots of toys I reckon.

  3. best of luck for the market this weekend! im sure it will be a success! (*0*)/


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