Mathilda's Tomorrow! I am nervous!

Sunday, 9am sharp
Mathilda's Market

Make sure you visit Wynona at Ivy Designs. Her clothes for little girls are truly unique and are just wonderful. You'll find appliqu├ęd pinafores, lovely bright smocks and colourful hair accessories. Tell them I said hi!

And your next stop should be Yunginz (Young-ins) for Australian-designed shoes for kidz. One of the co-owners in Jenny, is a fellow New Zealander, and the other co-owner, Yolanda is an expat from South Africa.

My kids are constantly growing out of their shoes, in fact this afternoon we are making the pilgrimage to the shoe shop AGAIN even though the shoes I just bought Biggie last month are still on my credit card. Sigh ... he can't seem to stay out of puddles and mud so needs a second pair for school.

Don't forget to visit Nikki at Flobib as well. I blogged about her great product a couple of days ago.


  1. Hope it all goes well for you Jacqui;)

  2. Hi Jacquie, I am just back from Mathilda's Markets - I popped in on your stall to say hello to the girl there - I think your Aunt was there too but I didn't see her as she was taking a wander! Your stall looked fab and seemed to be doing a roaring trade so well done - it did look beautiful and there were loads of people looking at it! Cheerio for now, Jenny @ Festoon x

  3. thanks so much!!!! this is the first report back so far!!! so nervous and excited to hear how we were received.

  4. How did it go?? How did it go?? Waiting on tenterhooks here.

    I am sure it went really well but I would love to hear the real thing.


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