Open Home for Chatty Cafe

I'm all dollied up ready for the party today. It's the Chatty Cafe open home event - twenty people are due here in about half an hour. I have spent the morning preparing. My home looks lovely, the food is gorgeous and moi? beyond words :) I am even wearing a DRESS!

Have a nice afternoon.

In case you are new to my blog, Chatty Cafe is my conversational English class. I "teach" English over coffee and homemade cake about once a week. I have about 50 people on the books but today I am welcoming my most regular chatters and my three baby sitters to say thanks before we close us shop for summer.

Biggie's school holidays started yesterday. He's gone to the mall with his brother and then they're heading over to visit their grandparents. It's a kid-free afternoon, yaye!

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  1. Sounds like fun - have a great afternoon! :) K


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