Our latest garden addition

Since Little Guy was born we have bought three paddling pools. I don't know why they keep getting irreparable leaks, must be their ferocious sharp claw-like toenails.

We got this new pool on Saturday. My boys seem to need a slide and some activity to do apart from trying to drown each other and squealing till someone calls noise control (usually me).

It's quite a nice set, it also came with some inflatable ring toss toys and it's not very deep so it doesn't need much water - easy to fill and empty.

Still on the hunt for a slip 'n slide.

**Edit - I found a link to this shop, in China. Mr. Mee a Bee is going to the area where this factory is NEXT WEEK, I wonder if he could be persuaded to put one in his hand luggage ...

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  1. Kay bought Em a hard plastic boat shaped sand pit, with a lid. We had sand in it but now she is using it for a paddling pool. It's been 30 degrees lately so she has been in it every day. Kay replaces the water every couple of days since it is quite shallow and doesn't use much water.


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