Sleuthing Bag

Sleuthing Bag, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

A really fun project! A bag inspired by the movie which of course is based on the novels - Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene.

A friend of mine asked me to create this bag for her daughter who is very keen on the movie. They're reading the books together which sounds like such fun.

I was a Trixie Belden fan myself.

There are more pictures on Flickr.

This is a custom order bag. If you love it let me know and I will see what I can do. This fabric is new and perfect to autumn coming soon in the northern hemisphere.


  1. LoVED Nancy Drew and this bag is just perfect! :) K

  2. How cute are the little lady bugs!

  3. I love Trixie Beldon!! I have all the books.

  4. I was a Trixie Beldon fan as well and had all the books! I am hoping that I can revisit them when E is a bit older! :) Love the bag!


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