Sunday! got away from me

I sewed all morning making this large family tote bag. It's huge and really strong. It's double sided and reversible. It's lined with that super-cute penguin fabric and has a nice flat bottom. For this photo I have stuffed it with 8 toilet paper rolls and there is still space at the top.

I think it would make a great picnic bag.

It's going in my shop later.

This is Sunday's post :)


  1. Jac, this bag is GORGEOUS...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it ! Its soo tempting :) BTW, I sent you an email to the addy listed on your h/page today, hope you got it. Its with a pic of my little girl wearing the piggy bag. Later...

  2. Wow! Your bag looks fabulous! I used to make shopping bags like this and I've been thinking about doing it again... Thanks for the inspiration! :) K

  3. Such a lovely bag, jacqui! :)

    And I just wanted to say that i've been enjoying your blog v much, and i've passed an award to you on my blog. feel free to hop over if you would like to play along :)


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