Sunshine for Sydney

I tried to get a Treasury on Etsy yesterday but I was about an hour too early and couldn't wait around. These are the wonderful artists I planned to feature. The title would have been Sunshine for Sydney and all of these artists are Australia-based. I'm hoping the weather will be good in Sydney so that people are not put off heading out for the market.

In my sunny line up, lots of friends, some I have purchased from, all fantastic people:
Tree Party Design
Skye Rocket Sews
Little Diva
Gretchen Mist
Pamela Tang
Fresh Fabrics

Flying Star Toys
Alfalfa My Mathilda's Market stall co-holder, the wonderful Katharine, wish her luck!!
Antic Designs
Earth Slings
Pedro Sprout
Little Choopie
Yellow Monday


  1. oh wow. thank you so much Jacqui for adding me in your treasury! Thats so super kind of you xxx

  2. I have yet to attempt a treasury, their always full by the time I get there..haha Great picks, love the color scheme :)

  3. I wish it had been a treasury for real Little Choopie, that would have been exciting for all of us. I will try again!

  4. Thanks for including my dress in your treasury. What a great bunch of Aussie Etsy sellers to be found with - even if it's not really there!


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