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I've just reinstalled my messenger and email options. I've been having major nightmares with it these past two weeks. Sorry if you've been emailing me and I have not replied. I hope it's resolved now.

The first person to pop up on messenger this morning was Kate from sew katiepie. How I love technology. She's over there in cold, blustery Auckland while I am melting in muggy Osaka. Yet, we chatted for five minutes about our favourite Saturday evening drinks, what our (naughty) kids were up to and sewing plans for the weekend. She was even able to send me a quick shot of what she's working on and get my opinions on it. Isn't that cool?

Kate sews beautiful children's clothing from gorgeous merino wool knit. She trims the necks of her lovely kimono cardigans with florals, paisleys and Japanese prints. She takes custom orders.

sew katiepie on etsy

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  1. Hi my dear friend!
    Just a little notice that I will come back to etsy and to crafty - world :) I'm so excited :)


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