Video Clip and the day that was

I am not getting any work done. I saw this video on the news the other day and I can't stop watching it. The JK Wedding Entrance Dance - make sure you have speakers!

I have done quite a lot today really. Biggie went to school this morning, just to check in, say hi to his fellow classmates. He has to go for a couple of hours a few times these holidays. He loves school so it's OK.

We had heavy rain this morning but once it cleared we were able to go out on our bikes for a blast of fresh air. We got all of our little jobs done and even had time to stop for a drink on the picnic bench down the road. Despite spraying the kids with insect repellent we had to move on pretty quickly because of the mosquitoes. Worked out well though since we bumped into one of the Chatters out walking her dog. She'd never met Biggie before so it was nice to stop for a chat. I love bumping into people like that when I am out, it makes me feel part of the community.

On my evening bike rides to the gym I quite often see the president of our local neighborhood watch organisation. He probably wonders where I am going in such a hurry so late at night. I usually have my iPod on and am going at breakneck speed so I do nothing more than wave out.

I'm doing very well with the gym. The first month is coming to an end and I think I have averaged 3 times a week, often 4. Tonight Little Guy was still up when I left. He screamed at the gate as I rode down the driveway :( but he quickly scuttled back in since he is scared of the dark. It's very dark since we live next door to an empty paddock and our elderly neighbors in front go to sleep at sundown.

So that's the day through till now. I'll just pop over to watch that video again ... I might just buy the song on iTunes.


  1. so, i first heard that song on 'so you think you can dance' and just loved it. too bad chris brown has some personal problems...

  2. I thought that too illahee, about Chris and Rihanna ... but it's still a great song isn't it!!
    I can't listen to his songs without thinking about the recent problems either.
    I also like No Air, duet with Jordin Sparks. I'm such a teeny bopper!


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