What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

IMG_4108, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

I LOVE this fabric. I've had it for ages but just recently revisited it for a special project I've been helping a friend out with. Isn't it fantastic? We are BIG pirate fans in this house. If we had a little girl I am sure she'd be into them too.

I've made this bag a bit deeper through the sides giving it a wider flatter bottom. It's still my standard Toddler Messenger Bag. It's lined in exquisite pale turquoise with white polka dots. The strap is a tiny bit wider than I usually use too - I like it.

What do you think? Too boyish for a little girl? Too girly for a little boy? or JUST RIGHT! for everyone!!

It's in the shop, we'll see if it sinks or swims. Man overboard! Aye Aye cap'n.


  1. I'm totally digging the fabric!

  2. I think it will do wonderful, the fabric is darling!

  3. That is just gorgeous! Not just for boys - I know My girl would love it! Can you make one for big people??


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