You won't believe it, I've had a day off

This morning as I plodded wearily through my household chores it occurred to me that I'd like nothing better than to blob out on the couch today. Quick as a whip I was on the phone to my friend and a plan was hatched. We got a pizza and some chocolate biscuits then picked up Mamma Mia to watch. Little Guy was a bit of a handful but we enjoyed the movie very much. It felt great not to do anything all day.

It's back to reality now though, the kids are fighting and I will have to start thinking about dinner ...


  1. This kind of day is definitely a must from time to time :) So glad you were able to take time off and enjoy it !
    Here (Kyoto), I just feel like sticking my head in the fridge and waiting for the fall. lol.

  2. I love days like that too. I always wish I could lay on the couch and do nothing like the kids and watch toy story or Bob for the 597th time...but then I think about all the work I could be doing and the emails I need to reply to and think I will d it another day.
    I wish I could have met you at the market, it was great to meet your aunty and look at all your wares. lucas looooves his little wallet i bought him, he said the other day ' mum you leave your wallet at home 'cause i have my wallet!' very cute with 65cents in it!
    I also bought another notepad, again I don't want to write in it and fill it - mental I know!

  3. Crafty! it was so hot we had our aircon on for the first time - it was raining through the windows so I had to close them

    Kelly - you're so great, thank you. That reminds me I think I must've washed Biggie's shorts with his wallet in it - plus our phone number and his 110 yen (like 65 cents). He was out on an adventure by himself yesterday.


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