We were up bright and early today over at the pools retreiving Biggie's forgotten goggles and cap. I had packed a flask of water, two muesli bars, and my travel mug of coffee so we set off on an adventure. The seaside seemed the obvious place to go - try and catch a breeze. We cycled and explored for four hours!


  1. how I wish I could hit the beach every time I wanted to! I also wish I could live in Nihon....

  2. Being in Japan it must seem like you're always on an adventure. I would love to go one time and take a printmaking course. It's on the lottery list.

  3. sounds like such a great time you guys had ! I'm a 'little' envious about your bicycle adventure's jacqui....Japan must be sooo awesome !

  4. Great adventure! Hope you found the missing goggles!

  5. We found the missing googles! and his cap, "World's Best Mum" had named them :) so they already knew who they belonged to.

    Yes, Japan has it's moments. It's fun if you have the right attitude. I must say though we do live in a most excellent area (of Japan).

    My doors are always open lottery winners!!


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