Almost there - the end of the week

Biggie had swimming three days this week and school one day.

That's all over now leaving us with nothing to do Muuuuuuumm!!!

I've had to resort to letting Biggie watch TV and encourage Little Guy to have a nap. It's way too hot to play outside, too sunny for the pool just yet. (Izumisano, Japan 33°C, 91°F)

It's Friday so we're waiting for our groceries to be delivered. When we first signed up for Co-op our food arrived at about 2pm. I used to order a little something for after school snack time. It's gotten progressively later over the past year and now I am lucky if it arrives before I have to start cooking dinner. As always it will be a surprise when it arrives, I can never remember what I ordered.

Little Guy had fun wearing one of the new Elephant Messenger Bags yesterday. It seemed to tone nicely with his outfit. Orange is his favorite color.


  1. Great bag - again! Your kids must have the coolest selection of bags around!
    I couldn't imagine what it must be like living in a different country like Japan.
    Do you ever get used to it?

  2. Your little boys/ fashion model's... are such cuties !

    Jacqui, I just wonder.. do you recommend having groceries delivered ? Or is it because you don't have a choice since you live out of the city?

    This something I was sort of contemplating, at least where the basic staple stuff is concerned as time is just so limited for me these days...

  3. as always, your bags are great! and your little model is super cute!

    visit me today - my etsy shop is open, and i've collaborated with another blogger on a giveaway!

    (it should all be up in an hour or two . . . )

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Kelly, I think you do get used to it. It's pretty much the same old drag for mums everywhere be they in their own country or somewhere else. I don't think I will ever get used to the climate though. It's either too hot or too cold.

    Natalie, if you can get your food delivered DO IT! with two little kids at home you need to minimise stress as much as possible. Since I started delivery we eat much better, I can budget easily, I save so much time, I don't buy any extras that you always do when you shop, no nightmare screaming kids to take around, it's brilliant.

    My supermarkets are good, better here than where I used to live in the city. I just thought I would try the delivery option after I had Little Guy and quickly got hooked on it.

    Elizabeth!! great! congrats! I will go look:

  5. I think every boy has his "orange period" some time in his life... I remember Raimonds :)


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