An apron for a sweet little girl

A friend of mine saw my cupcake apron and asked me to create the same thing for her - one for her , one for her daughter. So far the little one is ready to roll.

I wasn't able to find any of the original cupcake fabric but I found something equally as pretty. BUT it was really difficult to find a base fabric to coordinate. After weeks of searching I finally found this pretty French stripe cotton. Not only did it need to be the right colours it also needed to be a good weight for an apron and easy-care - quite a few conditions to meet.

I had a go with the elastic neck which I LOVE. The neck stretches over the child's head but doesn't end up gaping and loose. Here's the original website link Of course I couldn't find the pattern when it came time to make mine so I just made it from memory, it seems similar :)

Little Guy in the background is attempting to turn the stove on. This is what he does right in front of me. You can imagine what tricks he gets up to when I am not in the room.

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  1. so cute! Sounds like little guy and little mimoo would be great friends if they met!!


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