Back to reality

Biggie has been away for the past two days staying with his grandparents. One night turned into two which Little Guy and I did not mind one bit.

Monday we ended the day with a bike ride to the post office, an icecream at McDonalds and a bit of book shop browsing. We had a can of baked beans and a jacket potato for dinner, simple.

Yesterday we spent the day at home pottering around then we biked to the material shop after dinner. Another icecream seemed to be in order so by the time we got home at 8 o clock it was pitch black outside.

There was no fuss at bedtime. Little Guy was happy to have a shower, brush his teeth and go to bed. That's not normally the case.

The other thing I am noticing now that Biggie is home is the noise (as I oft complain). Their bickering, whinging and the loud voices they speak to each other in. Plus Biggie is quite a TV addict these days, much to my chagrin, so they're pestering me all the time to turn on the box.

Without Biggie here Little Guy was calm and cooperative. Now he's fallen back into "baby of the family" mode.

Biggie has a ferocious appetite and requires cooked meals three times a day. Little Guy is a greedy guts but likes to eat little and often. It's not hard to keep his tummy happy. In this heat it's mainly iceblocks that he wants.

So Biggie is home. There's tons of washing since he got car sick on the way home ... it's back to reality alright.

Biggie has had a nice haircut so we're happy to see his handsome face really ....


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  2. I hear you...It's the same in our home - when two brothers are at home same time, there's so much noise! And even if two parents are at home same time, the noise level just goes up!
    Despite that I deliberately put these two guys together - send them out together etc, so they can learn to come along! I can't separate them forever, I think it will (in long run) make things worse. So they have to learn respecting and sharing and I just try to hide behind my sewing desk or computer (with earphones, if possible) :)
    Happy family time to all of you!

  3. Yaye, a mum who agrees with me, the best place to be when kids are home is behind the sewing machine or in front of the computer with headphones on BRILLIANT!! thanks Eva for putting a smile on my face!

  4. ganbatte Jacqui! you are my idol! im just learning how much fun 2 at the same time is!


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