The bakery delivers!

Have I told you about the bakery truck? It's become a highlight of our week. Every Wednesday morning a little car filled with fresh-baked bread calls at our gate. The kids love trying new things. Little Guy likes to ask the girl questions she can't understand and Biggie likes to calculate how much the tally will be. I like to EAT what we've bought. Today it was Melon-pan with chocolate chips. I did not like it but the kids did.


  1. Does it deliver to the states? Perhaps Maryland?! Haha, yum!

  2. I hate melon-pan too. Strange that something with chocolate chips can taste so bad!

  3. Melon-Pan...Is that melon flavoured?

  4. oh jacqui! i wish you could have sent that melon pan my way! i was addicted to it while pregnant - and especially the chocolate chip variety :D

  5. Haha. I have one left - yuck - even home starving from the gym I don't want it.
    Everything else has been DELICIOUS.

    Helena it tastes like rock melon I guess.

    Claire, the choc chips at least were nice!

  6. How cute! Is that your backyard? I just assumed you lived in a big city. What is it like where you live?? (I am catching up on blogging thus the no comment from me...)

  7. It's the paddock next door to me Hannah! I do have a big yard, front and back but this is the side where it's an empty lot/ paddock. Over the far side they grow rice, spring onions or potatoes. We're about an hour our of Osaka central, a city but a smaller one here in Izumisano. I'm near the sea :)


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