Can I have a little grumble?

I try to keep the blog upbeat and inspiring. I am generally happy go lucky.

Today we've been to the beach. The BEACH? AGAIN? You're sick of hearing about it and I'll tell you after today, I am sick of going. I had promised the kids that we'd go to the beach we found a few weeks ago. It seemed like good weather for it, light breeze, a few clouds, not too hot.

Unfortunately the beach was a bit of a mess, lots of litter. The sea was full of awful slimy seaweed but from my perch on the shore I could see a sandbar a few meters out. We gritted our teeth, got through the seaweed and had a nice time playing in the clean and shallower water.

We only stayed a few hours since I wanted to come home for lunch. My poor purse is feeling the effects of these long summer holidays. That's my first grumble, how expensive it is having kids and the great pressure to do fun things with them when they are on holiday.

My next grumble is about being a Nigel-no-friends and having to take the kids everywhere, everyday, on my own. I'm quite self-sufficient, happy with my own company. But it would be so nice to sometimes have another person there to help get the kids dressed after their swims, pack up the shade tent, carry all the gear back to the car. Or to watch them while I use the loo. Or to swim with one while the other one builds a sandcastle.

That's the huge negative about living away from home. Having to be the sole source of everything for them.

The best thing about the beach today? It's close to home and has the friendliest "valet" parking. It cost $10 and was right across from the beach. When they brought the car around they popped the boot (trunk) and asked me if I wanted the air conditioning on since the car was all hot. That was great service!


  1. You poor thing. Yes I can imagine it would get very difficult for you at times and you would feel very lonely.

    Would you ever consider doing the swap thing and live in NZ for a few years? Could/would your husband try your country out for a while?

  2. That would be amazing ... but unfortunately not possible. Husband owns his business and you know how hard that is to leave, even for a day it seems. I can appreciate that. Perhaps one day I will take the kids myself. I suppose it would end up being just like here, me doing it all except there. Afterall they are my children :)

    I guess I just need a break from this hot weather!

    Thank you Kelly xx

  3. Cheer up Jacqui! I do hear from my brother that it is just so hot over there at the moment, so perhaps that is getting to your after all. August is almost over! Hope you are well otherwise??? :-))

  4. Sounds like we had similar days, only mine wasn't at the beach. Motherhood is the most selfless thing we will ever do. Hang in there, selfless one.

  5. you grumble away as much as you like - motherhood is a tough gig - especially without your family.Just remember that when you get old and grey they will be entertaining you and hopefully buying you nice pressies.

  6. I totally understand Jacqui !...i face pretty much the same predicament...I miss the support of my mom etc...I always think of how much MORE fun it would be for ME... if all of this was back home ( in my own country).

  7. Thanks everyone! Pity party is over! I've spent the evening lying on the couch watching rubbish on TV. I feel much better.

  8. I didn't get chance to reply yesterday, sounds like you are feeling better today though. I know exactly what you mean and this weather ain't helping! At least you have the beach to play at, it is too hot for us to go to the unshady park most days and staying in all day just makes us both grumpy. I often wish we had a babysitter so that I could have a break for a couple of hours. Shame you don't live closer, we could at least dump the kids on each other once in a while! Biggie is back to school soon isn't he?

  9. Wish I was there at the beach to help you out! It is hard living away from family...I've been spoiled and really only done it for one year. Hang in there! (Oh, and it's okay to grumble from time to time)


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