The dust hadn't even settled

Yesterday I added this fabulous Friendly Froggy messenger bag to my store. Biggie helped out with the photos since Little Guy was napping and I wanted to catch the daylight. His lovely face worked like a charm - the bag sold this afternoon! After less than 24 hours on the shelf. In fact it was still sitting on my desk from when I'd measured it. Thank you to my lovely customer who loved this bag.

It's funny but yesterday when I was looking at something online I was thinking about my bag shop for boys. It slipped my mind momentarily that I also make things for girls. The boy's bags really seem to be filling a void in the market. I'm onto a good thing! My own boys, especially Biggie and Mr Mee a Bee give me great encouragement.

** I have a couple left so it's been re-listed **


  1. Little Guy is growing up so fast! Great photo, great bag. Most of the girls here have boys (I'm the odd one out) and they always find it so hard to find 'boy things'. I even noticed at the recent Mathildas Market that in the whole market there was only about 2-3 stores that had nice boy things - the rest were for girls. Must be so frustrating - keep on your idea!

  2. Cute kid there. Of course, cute bag too. :) Congratulations on the instant sales. Wish my kiddo is little again. Yes, nice boy things are quite hard to find so keep up the great boy designs.

  3. That is great news!!! and the fact that your stuff is soo cool and the boys love it - well mine does anyway, takes it everywhere and gets heaps of comments!

    Go the boys : ))


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