A favorite fabric and a very cute little bag

We're back from swimming but are getting ready to go to karate in a mo.

Just had time to get some photos of this little bag. A toddler messenger in the favorite Puppy Love fabric.


  1. I just LOVE your Bags and this one is just soo sweet!

  2. You never have a 'bad bag day' Jacqui !...your bags are always such perfection...my little girl is so fond of her piggy bag. She got ice cream on it the other day :o( ...

    ...I was devastated...washed it the minute we got home & now its back to looking gorgeous !

  3. this one melts my heart :)

  4. you do make the best bags!

    may i ask where you get your handle "material" and where you get your cute little "mee a bee" tags that you sew on?

  5. You guys are so great, thank you!

    Mommythecook - my heart was pounding when you mentioned the ice cream ... that the bag had fallen to pieces when you washed it ... so glad it's back to gorgeous.

    Elizabeth - I buy everything here in Japan. The strapping doesn't even have a brand name on it so I couldn't suggest where you might buy it. Sorry.

    The tags I use I order from Thailand. I found a really good label firm who I like because I can order in small batches:


    You can choose from their templates and order online. Payment is a little bit hokey, it's through ThaiePay but I have not had any trouble and I've placed several orders in the past year or so.

    So you're opening an Etsy store?? Post a link we'll check it out! Exciting stuff!


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