The gym - yes I'm still going

Month two of my gym membership is drawing to an end. I'm happy to report that I am still going. I haven't been as much as the first month but still I'm pleased with the effort I have made.

I've become hooked on the Tuesday night Aqua Circuit class, a high impact water aerobics class. It's just half an hour but we really work the muscles and work up a sweat. The instructor is very nice and a few of the faces are becoming familiar.

Last night I was asked to join in with the Masters group. Wow, it was hard core.

SIXTY minutes.
1.5 km
(75 laps!!)

I don't know if that sounds like a lot but I can tell you it's a lot further and longer than I normally swim. I am not youngest in the group but I think out of the fifteen members probably more than half of them have children my age, they're all at least twenty years older than me. BUT don't let their grey hair and wrinkles fool you, they are speedy little buggers. I managed to keep up so I was proud of myself. I did think I was going to die at one point but I made it through to the end. They said I did really well for a first timer and they've asked me to join them tomorrow night. Unfortunately it starts earlier than I can be there so I'm off the hook until next Wednesday.

I think I could really lose weight if I could just lay off the chocolate, biscuits, donuts and cakes that seem to appear. I feel good though even if I don't look any different.


  1. Well done! I can swim one lap of the 33 m pool. You must be getting really fit.

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  3. Wow, you did that?? You must be very athletic, oh, don't worry about the weight, if you're thinking about it the whole time you're doing an exercise, it'll be much of a burden.

    Hope you're doing great with the kids too! Treat them with something nice, and one for you too! ;)

  4. good for you jacqui! i feel inspired to start swimming again too when summer comes to oz!
    how do those chocolates and cakes keep appearing? ive taken to reading your blog at night always with a cup of tea and cookies on a plate! munch munch.....

  5. Wow, you are soooo good to be doing all that exercise. I joined the gym in a burst of enthusiasm a few months ago and haven't been at all recently - eeeeek - it's sooooo hard to find the time and motivation!!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Jenny x

  6. Thanks!! It's really great, very good health wise both physically and mentally. I feel so much better.


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