I'm like a red lobster on the parts that weren't covered

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Jo of Jojoebi. We spent the day at this beach.

I completely forgot to take any pictures so I have pinched this one off the website. Yes, the beach has its own website! It's a very nice managed beach, not private, but paying $12.00 for parking contributes to staffing and maintenance. I'm not sure what Jo thought but I felt like this beach had a really friendly vibe. Kids said hello, a couple of teenagers lent us their foot pump, our neighbours chatted to Little Guy when he walked right into their tent and a couple of hotties smiled at me ;0

Jo doesn't live anywhere near me but her in-laws do so a meet-up seemed like a good idea. We agreed this beach looked promising. I'd never been before so I'll admit my heart was pounding as we drove over - I was so scared we'd get lost. Mr. Mee a Bee requested a day at home by himself to get some major chores done so I was in charge of the whole day. Another accomplishment for me - I always feel proud when I do new things.

It was a fantastic day. Little Guy is very enamoured with Mr. Ebi, who kindly held him in the deeper parts of the sea - thank you! It was lovely to meet the Ebi Family in real life. Jo and I chatted about all manner of things including our Etsy shops and love of Japanese fabric. We're even planning a Japan Etsy sellers meet-up at some point. Won't that be fun?


  1. Gotta lurv a place that has volley ball nets!!!

  2. make that another lobster and daddy ebi has a delight white swimmers bum and very red legs! ebi-kun seems to have escaped it all except a bit on his cheeks.
    Hope we can do it again next time we are down there!

  3. Thanks for that delightful image jo!

    Yes lets do it again next year! or next time!


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