Inside the artists' studio -it's me!

Last week I was honored to be the second featured artist in a new series on Wash When I met owner Kristina through an Etsy group I belong to. We share a love of sewing and fabric hoarding.

Kristina sent me a list of questions and photo requests for the interview. I had a lot of trouble with the photos as usual. My sewing room is an internal room. It has two doors, one on each end. A third of each wall is glass blocks but still it's quite a dark room and if I am working I need the light on. Any photos taken in the sewing room/"studio"/office inevitably need a lot of editing.

My storage space is a large walk-in wardrobe in my hallway. It's pitch black in there without the light on. I keep everything there to prevent dust spoiling the fabrics and to stop the kids touching them.

Finally, my hair ... I am desperate for a haircut. That's normal for me. It was also really hot that day so I kept having to mop my brow ...

Kristina doesn't have any of this sort of trouble. Her blog is fantastically bright and colorful. I am sure she always looks gorgeous. This is her blog, wash when dirty - handmade by Kristina. She has a massive following on Facebook. She runs two Etsy stores: handmades and fabrics.

Thanks Kristina!


  1. Hey! Nice interview - you're looking good! Blogs looking good too, I admire your industrious spirit!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your warm summer, ours has been pretty mild which I have been thankful for.

  2. aww...thank you jacqui :) - what are you talking about? your pictures look great! they are bright and cheerful :)

  3. OMG, am I delusional or is that a rubber ducky pin cushion on top of your workspace?

  4. Wonderful exposure for you, Jacqui. Yay! x

  5. I enjoyed your interview and studio tour Jacqui!


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