Little ladies looking after our genkan

I was pretty excited this morning when my postman delivered a mysterious box from New Zealand to us. As soon as I saw the StickyTiki labels on it I knew what it was! The lovely Kim has sent me a whole set of (sample) babushka. Isn't this green one gorgeous? Get yours here.

This is the end of my hall, next to the front door. You step down to walk out. The area by the door is called a genkan in Japanese. Everyone has to remove their shoes and leave them in the genkan when they come into our or any Japanese house. It's considered extremly disrespectful to the man of the house to wear shoes inside, or so I am told.

My new decals are covering up a few scuff marks on the walls, isn't that great? The Children of the World babushka are available from Lola and Ben.

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  1. How great is that? So cute.
    Do you have it on Japanese wallpaper? I'm interested to know how it works on that. I'd love to get a sticky but am worried it would pull the wallpaper off when we move out, not so good in a rental.


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