Local Neighbourhood Festival

Hi all, sorry I've been missing for a day. We had such a busy day yesterday. We had some service men here for an hour doing some maintenance in the morning. Then Biggie arrived home from his overnight camp ( He had a great time).

At six o clock we went to check out the local neighbourhood festival. We'd never been before and we had such a great time. Of course the best thing was that it was FREE. It was packed out but had such a great atmosphere as all families from our entire neighbourhood gathered at the local park. We had received four vouchers in the mail which entitled us to our pick of all the yummy food.

My favourite thing is the lanterns which are typical of public events in Japan.

We had to queue up as you can see, and we did wait quite a long time but it was still fun. Little Guy played on the jungle gym while Biggie went to the kid's game corner. He won a few of those really bouncy rubber balls. We only had three food vouchers so we chose a drink to share, some boiled oden, and some candy floss.

A very kind old lady gave us two of her spare vouchers so the kids could get a shaved ice. Little old ladies are very fond of me. Mr. Mee a Bee says it's because I am always smiling therefore I look friendly. Whatever the reason I don't mind because we are usually on the receiving end of some kindness.

It was most exciting for my kids to be out after dark. It was a clear starry night. The highlight was when Mr. Mee a Bee arrived home from work and decided to join us. We got home at about 8pm hot, hungry and happy.

I promptly fell asleep on the couch as soon as the kids went to bed.

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