Monday = Last Day of school holidays

Good morning! It's Monday, yaye! I like Mondays since we don't make plans ever. We just mooch around recovering from the weekend. It's often housework day. I feel energised after my day off.

Today is the last day of the school holidays for Biggie.
Chatty Cafe starts again on Thursday.
Mee a Bee is finalising Christmas orders.
It's all happening.

For our last day we might do some projects from Canon Creative Park. It's kind of cloudy so it may be an indoor day.

I followed a link from Cool Mom Picks (did you see Mee a Bee there??) and ended up on a very cute blog called Handmade Charlotte. That's taken me a good while to look through.

Have a good day!


  1. handmade charlotte is such a cool blog! thanks for sharing the link. :)

  2. Oh wow Congrats, and there both fantastic Blogs :)


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