New Product at Mee a Bee

I'm really excited about this new product for Mee a Bee: introducing the REVERSIBLE BAG.

These bags are the fabulous toddler messenger bags with the added feature of being completely reversible. Simply turn it inside out for a completely new look. Cool? I think so.

So far I've made these up for boys in the popular beetle-type cars, jumping frogs, sky fun and bicycles n clouds. There are a few different variations, all very awesome.

The base fabrics are a mix of soft denims and fantastic striped canvas. The straps are lovely soft cotton-feel acrylic in royal blue, navy blue and a warm red.

I've used the best materials I could find, all made in Japan. These bags are all about attention to detail which is something I strive for with each and every bag I make for Mee a Bee. Little things like color coordinated top stitching are things I spend my nights dreaming about ;)

Another new product feature will be the customisable strap length. The standard toddler or pre-school size fits the average 2 or 3 year old. But everyone knows kids grow at different rates, some are taller or rounder than others. So while stocks last you'll be able to request a shorter or longer strap by letting me know how tall your child is and their build. For an extra charge I can make the strap adjustable as well.

These bags are available for pre-order now (email me) or will be in my stores in September.
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  1. they look great - how about an inside/outside or side one/side two shot? :o)

  2. Fantastic, I love the fabrics you use, just adorable!

  3. Great work my friend. Love the style.

  4. Great idea with adjustable strap.

  5. Oh wow I just LOVE these I think I will have to get one for my son when he starts Kinder next year!

  6. I love these - can't wait to see some girly ones (no pressure :)! ). I love the idea of an adjustable strap.

  7. Thanks everyone! This is just a sneak peek in fact they are not finished but once they are I'll have some shots of both sides. I ironed all the seams last night read to sew up the last hem and I am excited!

    It's nice to hear this feedback and I'm pleased about the strap idea as well.

    Kylie B - thanks! let me know when and which one.

    Kate - OK NO PRESSURE!! girls ones will come soon ... but the boys ones are easier somehow.

    Thanks again everyone.

  8. Awesome! I want the grey beetle one for little fish. Emailing you...


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