Rain, we love it

Today as well as yesterday we've had heavy rain. It's great because it's keeping things cool. It's less than 30 degrees today, unheard of for August!

Biggie is away for the night. His aunty bought tickets for the new Harry Potter movie. Biggie was worried that he'd be scared and quite possibly get nightmares. I agreed since that's what happened after we watched the first movie on DVD a few weeks ago. I tried to reassure him by saying it's not real and none of it can really happen. He felt better after that.

So Little Guy and I decided to go for a stroll in the rain. He has a new raincoat and fairly new gumboots. We wandered around all the tiny back alleys behind our place for about an hour before lunch. It's a fascinating area with something new to see everytime we go out. There are lots of ramshackle houses, abandoned buildings, overgrown gardens, alleys that don't lead anywhere. Then there are lovely huge new houses, built in the traditional style, with manicured gardens.

We both walked through every puddle.


  1. kids love the rain, don't they! I remember myself walking barefweet on the streets as a teenager! I guess, when I grab for an umbrella, it means that I'm getting old(er) :)
    PS it's raining now at my place too

  2. It must've blown over to you Eva, it's starting to get sunny here now :)
    I thought of you since Tyler's gumboots are ORANGE.


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