The StickyKids love their bags!

Oh look at these wonderful happy faces! Little Horror and Little Miss Daredevil are not living up to their names in this picture. They're way too happy with their new Mee a Bee bags!!

I'm told the bags arrived to coincide with a visit from Gran, who whisked them straight to the shops for lollies to fill them with. They spent the afternoon wearing their bags at the park and then slept with them nearby so they could put them straight on in the morning!! Isn't that awesome!

A word of warning - you WILL have trouble wrestling their Mee a Bee bag off come bedtime. It's a documented fact - my most often received feedback. Do the kids really love their bags? or the lollies that often fill them?

You can get your own Mee a Bee bags for children here at Mee a Bee on Etsy. Read more about these beautiful children on the StickyTiki blog or website.


  1. Oh wow LOVE those Bags! Very Funky!

  2. It is so true..they really really really LOVE them!!!! Thank you so much lovely Mee a Bee xx


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