Working with my designer

This morning we're in the 'Design Department' working on some ideas for bags. With Halloween coming up I think Mee a Bee needs a pirate bag.

Biggie is something of a pirate expert with no fewer than ten books on the subject. His bag has some great design features. One I like is a pocket that is shaped like the handle of a sword or cutlass. It's for a pen which would look like the knife blade.

I asked Biggie why he thinks little boys like pirates. He said it's because they carry guns and knives. Boys ...


  1. Pirates arrrr cool! I'm looking forward to seeing this

  2. thanks!! Biggie's design was very cool, mine was just ideas and no plan yet!

  3. Oh he is so right!
    Do they trick or treat in Japan?

  4. No they don't Jodee, there are a lot of decorations in the stores and food but mainly it seems to be a family thing, it's still relatively new here. Biggie ADORES this holiday loving all things scary and gruesome.

  5. I need a designer myself too! Plus a seamstress and an assistant who would do all the networking/marketing and .....
    I can dream, right?


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