Water Babies

Today Biggie is at swimming again. He's doing a three day trial lesson course at the club where he does karate. He enjoys swimming but he's still reluctant to take regular lessons. We normally enrol him in one of these short courses just for something to do. Today is day 2.

I love swimming myself. We had a small pool at home when I was growing up so I spent every waking minute in the water. Throughout my teens I swam for a club and also coached younger children. I am not very competitive so I approached racing somewhat half-heartedly. I'm pretty sure I was more interested in seeing my friends and checking out boys. Our whole family was involved in the swimming club so it was an excellent safe social environment.

Last night at the gym I took the AquaCircuit class. Have you ever tried aqua-robics? It is FUN! I really loved it and can't wait to get along to the next class. Swimming laps can be so monotonous so it's great to mix it up. It's a really good cardio workout so I think it will be very beneficial.

Little Guy is pretty keen on water. On Sunday at the water park he wandered off and got lost. Luckily there were a lot of life guards working so he was picked up and taken to the office. I wasn't panicking but I was concerned that he would get into the pool by himself. At three years old he has no fear but obviously no clue either. Was he crying and distressed when I retrieved him from the office? No! That in itself is a worry! I still need to watch him like a hawk.

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