Welcome to the Youngest Country on Earth

Team Mee a Bee is going to New Zealand

the youngest country on earth
(watch the movie at the top of this site, it's so cool!)

I'm so excited, we've booked our tickets to go home to New Zealand for Christmas. I have not been back to NZ since before Little Guy was born. By December it will be almost four years. It's the longest I have ever been away.

I'm planning our itinerary now. Our dates are mid December through to the first week of January. It's a busy time of year but I'd love to meet up with some of the wonderful people I have met through Mee a Bee and Blooming in Japan as well as our friends and family. We'll be in Auckland for the most part and are planning trips to Hamilton and Hawkes Bay. We won't make it to the South Island this time round. This little road trip is a possibility: Wellington to Napier.

Friends and family email me to secure your slot in our busy schedule. Send me your bag or fabric requests so I can take over a full suitcase of Mee a Bee Christmas presents.

Trifle and Skout Trade Fair friends: StickyTiki Kim and I are already planning a wine trail event in Hawkes Bay. Who's up for that?


  1. Lucky Lucky Lucky!

    That is awesome news for you and your family!

    Will have to send Lynette in my place on the wine trail :)

  2. So happy for Team Mee A Bee! I know how it feels being apart from a place that used to be home. And you're back in time for Christmas!
    Christmas in Auckland is always wonderful. And I always enjoy the Christmassy feeling in stores and places I visit (despite the summer heat). And let's not forget the crazy X Mas sales! ;)
    I will be away visiting my family and friends overseas too at that time. Can't wait for December to roll around for both of us!

  3. WOO HOO!!! Cant wait to meet you!! I am meeting up with some HB etsy people soon so could get some of them on the wine adventure. Only problem Jacqui it only takes me two wines to be toasted..ask Jodee what I am like on wine!! xx

  4. Maybe we can have an Auckland meet up... Mid December, let me know and I'll get it sorted :)

  5. Wow, that is fantastic news.

    I am sure you will have a fantastic time. So Little Guy has never been before either right? Will be a great experience for him!

    Enjoy your trip home- and planning for it!

    Wish I could go home for Christmas but due to give birth to my first baby mid December which I guess means no traveling that month :S

  6. Lulu, you'll have your hands full so you're off the hook this time!

    Lyn! when do you leave? We'll be there from Dec 14th ... too late to meet up?

    Kim, I'm not actually a wine drinker at all .. I'm more about food :)

    Trina - I'll be around Puke since my sister will be back!! I'll probably just show up on your doorstep ...

  7. Cool..look forward to it!

  8. Oooh you must be so excited! Have a fab time!

  9. YAYYYY!!! Meet you at Tanuki's???

  10. So very happy for you.4 years is a long time(and a lifetime for the Little Man).Can't wait to hear all about it.With photos;)

  11. Oh my gosh...How wonderful ! You lucky girl ! hhmm...is'nt it nice and warm in n'zeland at that time of year? it is a well deserved break Jacqui...you work so hard.

    ...well i'll be stuck here freezing away...wish i was visiting colombo tooooo...

  12. How exciting!! Wow Jacqui, that is fanastic news!! I am crossing my fingers and hoping you do the road trip to Wellington... we would LOVE to see you all down here. Talk soon!

  13. I'm so happy for you! How on earth have you managed to stay away from home for 4 long years? I could not do that... One year is a max for me, then I start to feel sad and anxious. But for me, it means only 2 hrs of plane time and voilĂ , I'm at home :)

    I'm so excited to hear all about it - your preparation for it and the time there too of course :)

  14. Good on you - what an especially wonderful time to catch up with family & friends at christmas.

    Thanks for stopping by & saying hello


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