Babushka dolls

More little goodies to delight.

These purses are actually quite scary to make. The felt is incredibly thick - I worry I will break a needle. Then the snap buttons require a very solid bashing to make them stay firm. I have all manner of tools apart from the obvious sewing machine here at Mee a Bee.

The end result is so lovely.

I found one boy's velcro wallet today in my box, the navy blue cars and diggers. Let me know if you've been hoping one would pop up in my store.


  1. The red is lovely. I really like the red stitching and the red snap. Breaking the needle always scares me too. I once broke 3 in a row and I had gone more than 2 stitches forward - you think I would have learnt after the second needle!!

  2. Thank you Kelly
    I once broke a needle IN MY FINGER It was years ago when I was less proficient on the machine but still ... hehehe

  3. These little items are really lovely! I know what you mean about breaking needles, too. Have considered wearing safety goggles at times like that.


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