A cool new website for kids with some extra elements

I got an email earlier about a new website for children (or the young at heart). It's one of those online coloring page websites. What makes this site a bit different is that you can choose a color and a pattern - polka dots, Hawaiian flowers, stripes. It's so much fun.

I really like the First Name Coloring Page. I have an up and coming reader (Little Guy) and name recognition is the first place to start. It will be tricky for Little Guy to do himself at first but I know he'll get the hang of it quickly. He already says T. E. R whenever he thinks he sees his name written somewhere.

Now here is a really great thing, go to the Patterns tab at the top and you can create your own pattern for use on personal web sites, blogs, Twitter pages, MySpace, etc. You can even print them for scrapbooking projects. The pattern above is one they've done to show you how cool it can be.

The website is run by a very lovely husband and wife team who seem to have their finger on the pulse. I love free stuff, little educational activities for my kids and cool tech stuff!

Check out ScrapColoring next rainy day.


  1. Thanks! I'm always looking for something fun on the computer that isn't linked in with a cartoon. Hazel used to play Poisson Rouge a lot but stopped - though she did this afternoon and I tried not to let my joy show too much! She loves colouring programs so I think this one will be a winner.


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