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I'm gearing up for the Christmas rush. Yes! Some people, myself included are already doing their Christmas shopping.

Personally I like to grab things here and there for a particular person or for nobody in particular. I like to have a lot of little things to choose from, stocking stuffers if you will, when it comes time to give.

The end of season for us in the Northern Hemisphere is just the start of the same season in the Southern Hemisphere, get my drift? Bargains galore!

I will be trying to make at least some of my gifts as per the Handmade Pledge. I hope my friends and family aren't sick of Mee a Bee bags!

New in my store this evening is the Design Your Own Bag listing. It's giving people complete control over the entire construction of the bag. Or even just the opportunity to pick their favourite flap fabric.

I know some people might feel overwhelmed by the choices. Other people just love the way I combine the fabrics on these cute little bags and don't want to choose themselves, that's OK too. I can't wait to hear what people choose, see if it really varies from my own design sensibilities. Comment here if you have some ideas (not necessarily to buy).

FYI: I will be having a BIRTHDAY celebration for Mee a Bee near the end of next month. Mee a Bee will be TWO! Free shipping, gift with purchase, free personalisation, these are some of the ideas I have.

If you are planning to order a Mee a Bee bag for Christmas or upcoming birthdays (Dec - Jan) don't forget to allow time for shipping. The end of November is a good date to aim for. Remember I will be on HOLIDAY from mid-December ♥


  1. this sounds like a fab idea. may I make a suggestion? how about having a page with the different fabric you have so it is easier for the customer to choose?

    I did the handmade pledge last year and tried to make everything myself, this year I will stick with the theme but buy things that are handmade instead, I nearly drove myself insane last year :o)

  2. I like the design your own bag idea! I am also coveting that construction vehicle fabric. Off to ponder...

  3. thats a wonderful idea. sounds like you are going to be busy, busy.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Jo - if I get time I do want to do that ... sigh - no time!

    medea - I have it in blue as well ...


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