Jac Touched Up

Today I had a haircut - my last haircut was a year ago when my mum was visiting. My hairdresser kindly kept his opinions to himself. He's a nice guy!

I took a couple of photos to show you which turned out really bad- huge bags under my eyes, sun spots and wrinkles.

So I used Picnik.com to touch it up .... a bit.

The 'lose weight' tool is fun! I'm down 45% in his shot!!

This is how I really look:


  1. looking good - even with being touched up LOL.

  2. Hmmm...I think I prefer the natural you.

  3. Thanks! Rosie, thanks for that vote of confidence. I look like I've had an accident with botox in the touched shot!! hehe

  4. love the haircut :)
    u look good, not touched up or otherwise :)

  5. You look gorgeous just as you!! Ah JACQUI WHAT WRINKLES???!!!

  6. I prefer the real you. Great haircut, gorgeous face.

  7. I like both of them! The one being touched up looks great, but you looked great to begin with.

  8. You are gorgeous!! Cute haircut :)


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