Little Billies - help us!!

How many of you with little kiddies are dreading the Christmas visiting season because of naughty kid behaviour? I hope I am not the only one who has a challenging child. Enter Little Billies reward charts. Our personalised reward charts arrived today and they are perfect!

We have three months to work on some of the worst offenders. Eating and sleep are our big ones.

Biggie's one is a magnetic piggy bank. He doesn't need motivating in fact, he's a very good boy but his MUM has forgotten to give him pocket money for about the last three years ... It will be nice for him to have his own money and perhaps a saving goal.

We have a lot more problems with Little Guy. I think he could improve on every single one of the 40 or more behaviours mentioned on the reward chart.

The advice is to start with three or four behaviours and work from there. There are four rewards for each behaviour. Once he collects ten reward stickers he will be allowed to do something special or get something special. I haven't decided what it will be yet.

Reward one is for "Good Eating" - I've decided just sitting at the table for the duration of the meal will be a good start.

Reward two is "Good Sleep" - going to bed and staying in his bed/room will be pretty tough for him but we really need this to be accomplished before our trip.

Reward three is "Happy Face" - having a bath or shower without crying is a suggested behaviour target. Little Guy hates having his hair washed and screams almost everyday.

Reward four is for a behaviour that he is already quite good at doing (so he at least gets some rewards in a day). I chose "Holding On" which will cover holding hands in the carpark, holding hands to cross the road.

I am happy to say that already we're seeing some improvement in Little Guy's overall demeanour since he turned three in July. I would just like to cement some of these good behaviours and instil some new ones before we descend on my poor unsuspecting family at Christmas.

Get your own personalised Little Billies reward charts here. They ship from Australia in about a week. Paypal or credit card payment accepted.


  1. Hazel used to cry a lot when we washed her hair too (still does a bit actually) but I found that giving her a folded washcloth to press across her eyes made a huge difference to her behaviour because it stops the water from running over her eyes and getting in.

  2. Yes he told me tonight he needs his cloth. I am trying to teach him to put his head back as well.

  3. Oh the agony we went through with my Zach when I washed his hair as a toddler! They do grow out of it, though - I think he got over it when he started taking baths with his little brother and I relaxed a lot about just how clean his hair was - both of us learned to compromise:)

  4. We told the girls to "look up at the sky" when we washed their hair. It worked great except for when I wasn't paying attention and accidently sprayed them in the face anyway.

    We did a similar chart for behavior and it really helped. If they got stickers one week in a row then they got to go out with daddy or I for ice cream. It was nice to have time one on one to praise their behavior and encourage them to continue. Good luck!

  5. i hope the sleeping works out for you. my guy is 4 and he still crawls in my bed most nights . . . grrrr.

    i've used sticker charts for both my kiddos and they have seemed to help a LOT!

  6. god little mimoo is almost 3 so i look forward to her behaviour improving much like little guys. I have this site book marked so might get onto to it now!
    god what is wrong with kids? i wish someone would wash my hair and put me to bed early :p


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